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BCLegal Enterprise is the ideal solution to optimize processes of legal departments. The software's flexibility and dynamic nature helps it fit in naturally with your company's legal operations.

Managing a corporation requires solid management of resources and people. Under this scenario an integrated approach is essential and key to the success of corporate legal departments. With a focus on these challenges and following methodologies aligned to best managerial practices, Billingroup of Brazil developed using leading technologies the software suite known as BCLegal Enterprise.

Our system is designed to support processes of legal departments and help their professionals in managing day-to-day activities like case management (Civil, Consumer, Criminal, Labor, Tax, Mining, Environmental), contract management, consulting, requisitions, corporate control, attorney, real estate, patents and trademarks, certificates, financial, document management among many other capabilities.

Our advanced and integrated solution connects all aspects of legal departments.

Easy-to-use and intuitive, BCLegal has a modern and self-explanatory interface that adheres to standards. The system is 100% web-based, which facilitates remote access and allows users to leverage all of its capabilities from anywhere and any time. Mobility is the key tool for legal departments to interconnect remote or outsourced offices.

Certified by Microsoft, BCLegal is a pioneering solution used by companies of various different sizes across multiple industry verticals.

Easy-to-use and intuitive, BCLegal has a modern and self-explanatory interface that adheres to standards. The system is 100% web-based, which facilitates remote access and allows users to leverage all of its capabilities from anywhere and any time. Mobility is the key tool for legal departments to interconnect remote or outsourced offices.

Benefits - Why BCLegal Enterprise?

  • Analysis and performance management and monitoring in real-time;
  • Transparency in information access;
  • Reduction in the paper flow;
  • Definition and automation of work flow;
  • Integration between legal departments and law firms;
  • Remote Support and access;
  • Services provided by experienced and skilled professionals;
  • Certified by Microsoft;
  • Web-based interface allowing ubiquitous remote access;
  • Facilitates communication with outsourced legal departments;
  • Integration with SAP and other ERP as well as legacy systems;
  • Provides access control by company, users, department level, facilitating compliance against auditing standards;
  • Provides automation of processes and internal alerts to users against deadlines and schedules;
  • Offers tools for the financial control of budgets, expenses and provisioning;
  • Dynamic report generation and management;
  • Document generation based on predefined templates;
  • Consolidates documents and data as a reference and basis for research;
  • Access to the system through mobile devices;
  • Can operate through cloud models avoiding capital infrastructure spending as well as through a SaaS (Software as a Service) service provided by Billingroup.

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Case Study: Rossi Residential

Rossi ensures agility and automation of its legal processes and contracts using BCLegal.

As one of the largest developer and construction companies in Brazil, Rossi greatly improves its day-to-day legal operations with the BCLegal Enterprise solution.

Unir o alto desempenho de uma solução tecnológica aos processos jurídicos configura um dos maiores desafios às maiores companhias no setor da construção, como Rossi. A companhia escolheu e implementou o BCLegal Enterprise, aplicativo de gestão de rotinas jurídicas.

Incorporating an innovative software technology to existing legal processes is a major challenge to large construction companies such as Rossi. BCLegal enterprise was chosen and implemented as a legal and contract management solution. The company was seeking software that would both guarantee the control of legal processes as well as a tool to support the administrative demands placed against that department.

The results greatly exceeded expectations and additional module of BCLegal was implemented. At the time, Rossi decided to leverage the application for the management of contracts, a critical and core information management component for the business.

According to legal director of Rossi, Palmarino Frizzo Neto, before the adoption of BCLegal, these processes and controls were managed by spreadsheets under ad-hoc and individual control. Today, all processes that invole the legal department for this construction company whether legal or administrative are driven by BCLegal Enterprise.

The SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system integrates the management of the company as a whole, while BCLegal maintains an interface whereby we can directly access all processes, saving time and ensuring the agility of daily operations. The integration of SAP with BCLegal is a critical differentiating tool", says Neto.

"With BCLegal Rossi managed to generate precise values of contracts in negotiations. Before the software were dependent on external lawyers and internal clients"

Palmarino Frizzo Neto, diretor jurídico da Rossi

BCLegal Enterprise is considered the best software of its type in the market and has been implemented for various different customers and segments providing lawyers with greater ease in the exercise of their profession.

Key Features

This mechanism allows for the separation of access control of subsidiaries, offices and outsourced business areas. This feature ensures that each company division or area can only access authorized information.

Access Control and Security
Enables the creation of custom profiles for access. Administrators can control permissions to read, write, or remove data and information for each user.

EDM – Electronic Document Manager
Users can attach any type of document per module, and create a single repository of information access that can be referenced by any part of the company.

Workflow / Graphical Workflow
Enables the creation of automated workflows, sending alerts to those responsible for control of deadlines, events and proceedings .

Audit Log
Enables tracking of changes, creations and deletions made by users of the system.

Expense and Budget Alerts
Tool that enables expense control and the sending of alerts based on percentages budget allocations.

Formulas for calculations
Allows for the creation of custom formulas for monetary adjustments.

Monitoring Processes
Enables automatic search for proceedings in major courts throughout the country.

Module for Requests/Solicitations
This component integrates with any area of business request to enable solicitations directly to the legal department for Contracts, Power and Attorneys or other requests.

The software is currently translated in English, Portuguese and Spanish and can be localized for any language.

Configurable Settings
Enables the inclusion of additional fields for customization to meet the company's individual needs.

Search (Bing)
Search facility for any information stored in the system.

System Email notifications
System can send emails directly from system modules to support specific processes.

Dynamic Reports
Users can customize reports and generate reports across system modules.